Song of The Day - Monday - Happy 'Ready Player One' Day!

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Happy Monday!
Another Monday and yet again I could not get my arse in gear. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night due to the temperature in my bedroom. Having the window open and the fan did very little, this is the UK most houses do not have aircon. Not being able to sleep in turn made me not want to wake up despite changing my alarm tone to the Mission Impossible theme. I aim to be much better tomorrow.
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--Happy 'Ready Player One' Day!
I was going to blog on the train, then I saw that Ready Player One had dropped into my video library on Prime.
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On Saturday I went to see Omer of E14 Podcasts and Can't Sleep, Must Paint Fame wrestle in a match. This was my second local wrestling match viewing in many years, I'm not a huge fan but I wanted to support Omer and also get to see him. This match was under Wrestle Force (I think), all the wrestlers were very good and I felt sorry for them because it was a pretty hot evening. The hall we were in was not air conditioned at all.
I also go round to re-potting my plants outside. Hopefully my Plants will be happier in a larger pot in the sunshine all the time. They are right by my front door so it's not like I can forget about them. Keep your green fingers crossed for me.
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I am currently reading:
The Gender Secret by Bella Forrest, this is the second book in The Gender Game series. I really enjoyed the first book, anyone who is a fan of The Hunger Games series, Divergent Series and probably any other series that has that dystopian/ post apocalyptic civilisation to it will most probably like this series.
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Bound by Shannon Mayer, this is the second book in The Nevermore series. I originally found this story through a book called Darlings of Decay which is a collection of different zombie/virus style stories. I really enjoyed it so I bought the first and second book. 
Lastly I have found this little gem: I Am Here Now: Field Notes for a Curious and Creative Mind by The Mindfulness Project. It is a type journal/workbook that helps you practice mindfulness. I have wanted to try it for ages and picked it up for my birthday. It's great to carry around with you and to pick up when you have a quiet few minutes.
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Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a great Monday!

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