Song of The Day - Friday - Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Happy Friday!
We have finally made it to Friday, well done and congratulations for not losing yourself.

Today's plan of action is to write some articles, try my hardest to find my flow again on my current project because it lost me yesterday and I wasn't sure how to continue and get mu blog a little more organised. 

Last night I had the house to myself, Minecraft was the game of the evening as well as Camp Takota for the film. I always go back to that film because it is comforting and sweet, there's nothing better than comfort watching. 

This weekend is home to the Rochester Castle Proms and I shall be going to them. I am incredibly excited and I am hoping the weather brightens up for tomorrow's events because it's outside. We've all been to an outdoor festival of some kind and rain is never a welcome guest. If you would like to go to the event check out the Medway Council website or search for Rochester Castle Proms and buy the tickets there. You will have to pick them up from Chatham Central Theatre if you do.

Thank you for reading my blog! 
Have a wonderful weekend and an excellent Friday!! 
Song of The Day: