Song of The Day - Tuesday - Why Am I Awake!?

Morning All!
I volunteered for the early shift for the 3working days in between Christmas and new year because nobody else wanted to do it. Present me really hates past me at this moment in time. Only one of the possible mainline train stations are open these three days which makes getting to and from work a pain in the balls, obviously not my balls because I do not have any but a pain all the same. 

I had a great few days off work for Christmas with the family and had kind of dreaded getting up at half 5 to go sit in an empty office instead of staying at home with my partner and my friends which arrived last night. I also have a new Sims 4 expansion that is not going to play itself.

Let's see how this 3 day week goes shall we?  
Thank you for reading my blog. If you are lucky enough to have to work today I hope you have a great Tuesday or if you are jammy and have all the days of then have a fantastic day and have a drink for me.
Song of The Day: