Song of The Day - Wednesday - 2020 and Not A Clue What I am Doing

Happy Wednesday All!
I hope you all enjoyed the festivities in December and Happy 2020! 
It seems the year of change has continued into this year as it took a little longer to get to that change. Hopefully once someone decides to take me on I will be well on my way to completing positive changes throughout this year.
As for my blog:
No changes currently, I want to focus on finding a job and will probably continue to intermittently drop in to say hi and update you all. Once that's accomplished I want to get back into a blogging schedule but it will probably be slow at first. I honestly feel like I've let myself, my writing, the blog and the guys at Emotionally 14 down this past year. 
Sit tight whilst I work on things, feel free to contact me the usual ways if you would like to chat.
Welcome back to The Unemployment Diaries!
If you haven't worked it out already I am still without job and wondering why I'm not being given a chance. The Interview I had just before Christmas has so far not given me any news. I'm honestly hoping that being from an academic setting that they didn't forget me off the rejection list like the last time, it's a little soul destroying having to wait. Hopefully it's because the place has been closed over the Christmas period that I'll get an answer by the end of the week. 
Today I feeling a little overwhelmed, emotional, a little hopeless, drained and a nagging feeling of defeat. It's getting to the point I will either have to start applying for jobs I have no skill area in or start looking in London again which I hoping not to go back to. 
Am I asking for too much?
Please someone tell me if I am.
Song of The Day:


  1. Happy New Year Kat!

    Good luck with your writing progress. Ganbatte! (Japanese for "Do your best!").

    I hope you find somewhere nice to work. After all my time job-hunting I ended up learning a lot. Let me know if I can help. x

    1. Thank you for your support 😊 I'm slowly getting there and being very impatient about the slow part.


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