Song of The Day - Wednesday - Job Scams Adventures

Well hello there...
I wasn't really in the mood to blog but I'm doing it anyway.
It seems today I've woken up a little deterred today.
 I applied for a job that seemed ok at first but the next day I got an email from a weird email address, the message inside the email wasn't set out very professionally and just seemed a bit off. Inside the email was a link to a website that just didn't seem like a recruitment website, it screamed "Stop it and leave it alone" to me and so I did. 
I talked it through with Blake and he agreed that I did the right thing after going over all the evidence.
I kind of feel like I put in that work for nothing and I'm back to square one, I really dislike job hunting.
On a lighter note I have applied for another job and spoken to a few agencies today which means I'm still taking the steps forward. It's good to know there are people out there that are willing to give me the time of day. 
Monday evening I received surprise anniversary flowers from Blake. I honestly wasn't expecting anything, especially with just being made unemployed. I almost cried when he walked through the front door and pulled them from behind his back. I get to have something bright and happy to look at whilst I'm at home.
Thank you for reading.
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