Creative Ramblings - Change

I wasn't sure what this was when I was writing it down, it's little dramatic for sure. I just wrote down things that were in my head and this is what happened. It helps to express when I'm feeling down.
Change can be many things in life.
It can be good, bad or somewhere in between.
The changes I'm encountering currently are uncertainty, frustration, hopefulness and even a little scared.
As desks get packed into cardboard boxes and moved around me I am experiencing the changes in the ending of my job whether I want to or not.
Not knowing whether your desk will be there tomorrow despite having a long way to go until the jobs end is scary and frustrating.
Coming in each day wondering what your day will be like now that the changes are rapidly coming into play leaves me with uncertainty.
The splinters forming in between coworkers as frustration causes resent and regret, some making sure bridges are well and truly burnt.
I've asked myself many times over the last few weeks "What's the point?" as I sit at a desk where I receive less and less work each day.
The machines that will be replacing me and my team will arrive soon.
The end is nigh.