Song of The Day - Friday - 'Severe Weather Conditions', Work Computers, Varying Levels of Sleep and Kitty Cuddles!

A Very Happy Friday To You All!
Wow it's certainly been a very long week!
I for one is very ready for this work day to end so I can relax and actually get to hang out with Blake.
So I've had 3 earlier mornings, 1 train delay due to ice on the rails and varying levels of sleep. Blake has obviously been busier than I have this week but it's still been a super long week. Yesterday morning's intension to start work early was slightly waylaid by pesky 'Severe Weather Conditions' Icing up those rails over night. So my earlier train turned into almost normal time train because of this factor but I still made it in though I was a little rushed.
They've changed the way we work by going from shared accounts to personal accounts. This is all fine and good since they've been working on this for a good couple of years trying to get everything to work on each account while still sharing certain things. Well yesterday was incredibly long because things kept not working when they were supposed to. This morning seems to be going fine (Fingers crossed) and should work when I swap to my second scan station of the day this afternoon...
Image result for computers error clipart
Last night I was extra tired, I relaxed with Jiji while watching 'Police Interceptors'. It was a cold evening and that usually attracts the cats over for a hug. She was happy to share my warmth and purr sleepily while I enjoyed her company, it was a win, win situation.
This weekend Blake has a war gaming convention to got to, it's Salute if you are interested in any aspect of war gaming. Go chat with him and probably the E14 guys if you are around. We are also seeing 'Avenue Q' at a theatre, we got tickets for Christmas from Blake's parents. We have a wedding as well and at some point some time to rest in between all that. All that is fun and all but I am pretty much wanting the sleep part right now.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and an awesome weekend!

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