Song of The Day - Tuesday - Chilly Mornings, October Excitement, NanNo Prep and Inktober?!

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Happy Tuesday!
After getting through Monday I am now ready to jump into the spirit of October. I've got a new winter coat, I've been wearing it on and off, mostly in the mornings and evenings. It's not that cold during the day yet but I'm mostly inside at work anyway.
I'm feeling pretty confident about NaNo Prep and in turn NaNoWriMo and I'm excited for Halloween!
Of course!
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This October I have a few ideas in mind for the blog.
 As always there will be an updated Halloween playlist as well as October/Halloween song theme through out the month of October. Today's song is Poison by Alice Cooper.
I would like to try a few Halloween crafts. This is usually whatever comes to mind plus costume and house dressing crafts.
Maybe some Halloween/Autumn themed bakes will make their way onto the blog if I manage to get time. Yes I miss baking and sharing it with the blog.
Maybe some Horror film reviews...
I have also been contemplating Inktober, I have catching up to do if that is the case because it is already day 2.
Please bear with me on all of this because I am also researching for National Novel Writing Month on top of all this as well.
I got to see a few of my old train friends this morning on the train. It was really nice to chat to them, especially on of them because he is a writer and a published one too. Check out his books...Mark L'estrange
Night Of The Kraken
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a brilliant Tuesday!

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