Song of The Day - Monday - RIP George A Romero

RIP George A Romero
I was incredibly sleepy this morning because I didn't get much sleep last night, I was very upset about George Romero's passing and this morning I'm just tired and sad. Sadly I can't take the day off to watch Romero films in his honour, the films will commence at some point this evening or lunchtime.
The morning blog is a lunch time blog today, I was very tired this morning and I didn't want to blog at that time.
I watched Pitch Perfect on the train for like the third time in the last few days, it cheers me up when I am sad. I also don't want to concentrate on the story since I've seen it many times.
So we have found out who the next Doctor is going to be, of course there are more than enough people out there who didn't like the choice for various reasons. I will not go into these reason because I cannot be fucked with the whining that follows.

What I am excited about is the fact that how the Doctor is going to react when he/she realises that they are still not ginger and in a female body. The Doctor has never been a woman before in his lifespan, will she continue to love women or will her orientation change to bisexual or even straight. How exciting!!
13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker

What clothes will the Doctor go for, we all know she has female clothes in the large wardrobe on the Tardis because of all the times he has lent clothes to his female companions. Trousers, Skirt or dress?
In the picture above she looks like she is still wearing the 12th Doctor's clothes.
What if Bill comes back and tries to find him and realises that the Doctor is no longer a man, how do you think Bill would react to this?

I'm too excited about this.

Let's hope Captain Jack doesn't get wind of this because he will most likely try it on.
There are so many new questions now that I can't wait to find the answer to.

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