Song of The Day - Friday - So Sad

Finally Friday!
It's a super sunny Friday morning! 
Let's hope it carries over to the weekend. 
Blake gets to go to Whitstable on a work away day, I get to go to London and work. That's hardly fair! 

Sadly my  job doesn't do away days because we have to man our scan stations, we are a customer service and cannot just leave them empty.  We'd have to do it on the weekend (in our own time)  and nobody would be up for that. 

This why Blake will be taking me down to Whitstable some point in the summer. I haven't been to the seaside for ages. 

Twice in one week two people that have been part of our lives have been taken from us. George Romero has a bit part of why I love the horror genre so much. I wouldn't be Cloud Zombie with this guy.

 Chester Bennington with Linkin Park was the band that opened the gateway in the world of rock and metal. Meteora was the soundtrack to my later teenage years and is still one of my favourite albums.
I'm incredibly sad to see them both go.
Rest in peace.

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