New Planet Films and Beyond

I've always been keen on the 'New Planet/Mars' section of the film genre. Quite recently I've been on that kick and I've been seeking out every film and TV series my streaming services have to offer as well as my own collections.

I feel that most people living on this planet has had the same fascination for thousands of years, we want to know what is beyond the sky and if we truly are a part of a larger universe. The fear of being alone as well as the fear of being in very close to neighbours of an alien nature, what would you do if you were able to meet an entirely new species from a different planet?
I am a writer and as a writer I day dream a lot when it comes to the these thoughts. The dream of being able to move to a new world to start a new life or a new colony for Earth seems such a scary and exciting prospect.
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With the additions of books, music, films and computer games we have been able to fantasise about what it would be like to do these things for ourselves.
I have started watching the National Geographic series called Mars and it's epically fascinating, I got the first episode free from Amazon Prime and I like it so much I bought the rest of the series.
Here are a few others from the various mediums I love:

My list could go on and on!
Every single time I watch one of the thousands of films like these all I want to do is research space travel and watch more. Next time you watch Earth's much beloved Sci-Fi, maybe have a thought of what could actually be out there in the stars and think of what you could do to get us one step further to them.
Thank you for watching!