Song of The Day - Tuesday - Too Much Chill

Happy Tuesday!!
It's bloody cold this morning!!

Well last night was a barrel of fun. When I got to Cannon Street Station last night I was greeted with a nearly overflowing station. I squeezed through the crowds to find that everything was delayed. Apparently there was power failures between London Bridge and Cannon Street and because of that signal problems. My train quickly disappeared off the board and I was left standing in the crowd waiting to see how I was going to get home. My 18:12 train turned up and left at 18:44 and I arrived at my home station 19:51.

Tonight I will be watching the new Ghostbusters film with Blake, it arrived on our download yesterday since we pre-ordered it from Amazon Prime. I'm going to buy popcorn and treats for this evening's viewing. 

Song of The Day:

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I hope you have a super Tuesday!!