Song of The Day - Thursday - Almost Friday!

Happy Thursday!
It's super cold again this morning, thankfully Blake was awesome and washed my giant scarf for me so I was toasty walking to the station today. 

Yesterday my word count for Nanowrimo hit 5,928 words and today I'm going to try and Smash out a lot more today. I think I was dreaming my story last night so I no have a few more ideas to go with. 

Last night I way a little fried from writing so I decided to call it and have a relaxing evening. I watched a little bit of The Martian with dinner and retired to my bedroom with a hot water bottle and a hot drink to watch YouTube videos. 

Song of The Day:
Beelzeboss - Tenacious D

Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you have a great Thursday!