Song of The Day - Monday - Happy Halloween!

Happy Monday and 
Happy Halloween Everybody!

It has been a very busy few days! 
I spent a grand total of 2 and a half days sewing stuff to my Halloween costume. My jellyfish was quite fun to wear. 
The Halloween party on Saturday was excellent and it ended in a bad movie night. We watched Attack of The Sabertooth, you can probly imaging how bad it is.
I also won a Halloween cupcake competition on Facebook from Nat's Bakes 'n' Cakes and were great for the Halloween party.
They were very yummy indeed!

Sunday afternoon I went to see Dr Strange at the cinema and you should defiantly go see it if you haven't already. 
We also had Chinese food for dinner and watched Kung Fu Hustle, such a good film!

Today I have a house to clean and a window display to to create, hopefully we get some trick or treaters this evening because we have so many haribo packets and other sweets that I will not be able to eat them all.

Have a faboolus Halloween!
I am participating in Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month again this year. The aim of the challenge is to write 50,000 words in the month of November, last year I hit 32, 647 words and this year I really want to hit the 50,000 mark.
Song of The Day:
This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday!