Games You Should Play For A Scare Or A Little Chill

It's that time of the year where we seek the best horror movies to watch, how to make the best costumes and find the best candy. I feel that the games industry has been trying to get in on the action for many years and yet they seem to be pushed aside by the movies and television.

Today I am going to list the games you should play for a scare or a little chill.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

This game is not quite a horror but it will leave you chilled and a little saddened, a must for anyone who can't quite take on the big bad horrors.

Dead Rising (Franchise)

Again more comedy than scary but hey some people find Shaun of The Dead scary.

Silent Hill (Franchise)

Resident Evil (Franchise)

They have recently done a HD remake of the first Resi and I think it will probably make you crap your pants all over again.



This will most certainly make you crap yourself over and over again.

Doom (Franchise)

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is the choose your own adventure of what way you want to crap yourself.

Alien Isolation

I was lucky enough to play the survival mode at EuroGamer EGX before it came out. The fact that they told you to put headphones on and the controller could only go so far away from the screen added to the horror this game puts you through.

Thank you for reading!