Song of The Day - Friday - No Shoes Train Rid

Happy Friday!
And a very good morning everyone! 
It's a little brisk this morning but the sun is keeping it at bay this morning.

The guy opposite me on the train this morning had no shoes on and has properly stretched out across the two seats he has on the other side of the table. He has gone to sleep now and has left his phone on the table, he should be thankful that I am trust worthy because a lot of people lose their phones this way on the train. 

Last I went to bed a whole hour earlier than I usually do hoping to get back th he sleep I had lost out on, unfortunately I didn't because Leia (my cat) decided she wanted attention all night. She cried and cried outside my bedroom door for hours, this how I now know why she spends so long sleeping during the day. We don't let the cats sleep in our bedroom due to Blake being sort of Allergic to cat hair, well it makes his throat scratchy and his eyes sore if cat hair gets on his face too much. He's usually fine with them normally, he just doesn't want them sleeping on his pillow. 

I shall get through the day, get home and eat. Then I shall watch Warehouse 13 in bed and try to sleep again since I have the house to myself again tonight. 

I have a lot of stuff to prep for October this weekend. Blake is out with the guys for a day out, so I am using this as a an excuse to do housework and the other things I need that I need to do.

Song of The Day:
Thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me! 
I hope that you all have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend!