Song of The Day - Friday - TFIF!

Happy Friday!
Yay! We made it to Friday!! 
I am awake and ready to get through this day. 

Last night I hung out with my cats, worked on some blog articles and played a little bit of The Sims 4. My cats like to guard me while I sit at the computer, I usually have one either side of me purring as they snooze. 

Today I will follow @The_T (Turps from The Yogscast)  as he attempts to #EscapeFromDull challenge. He's also on periscope if you want to see what he is getting up to. 

It is LFCC (London Film and comicon) today and the weekend, I shall be going tomorrow and I look forward to exploring the Olympia. Come say hi if you spot me. 

Song of The Day:
Thanks for reading my blog! 
Have a brilliant Friday and an epic weekend!