Song of The Day - Friday - TFIF!

Morning All!
It has finally got to the awesome part of the week and I am so happy!  It has been an incredibly long, busy week and I can't wait to finish today. 

I have finally got my new Audiobook version of A Red Rose Chain by Seanan Mcguire, I love to read the books but I also love to listen to them in the morning on the train and in the kitchen.  mary robinette kowal is now the only voice for October Daye for me. 

This weekend we have a friend to stay and a party. My partner and his dad are having a joint 90th Party since he turned 30 in January and his dad will turn 60 in August. 
Thank you for reading my blog! I hope that you have that you have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend! 
Song of The Day: