Song of The Day - Monday - One Day Week!

Good Morning!
Today is a good day because I am only working one day this week and it is today. I am off to Download Festival Wednesday and I am more than just excited about it. 

Tomorrow will be spent packing, buying little extra bits (sun lotion, baby wipes, booze) and getting ourselves ready. 
I will be getting my hair cut tomorrow (think punky shoulder length) and so will Blake (the usual), my hair cut will be quite different from the usual and it will help me get through Download Festival and summer. I have bought some hair chalk to brighten up my at the festival because of where I work I cannot have permanent unnatural coloured hair. 

Anyway back to reality... 
I'm very sorry about Friday's blog, I was not very well Friday and I spent the whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself and sleeping. On Saturday I spent most likely to day making a flag for our tent at the festival, Blake was out at the Candem Rocks festival for a stag day/night do I had the house to myself. 

Sunday we spent the day sleep deprived, visited my Mum since she was back from Ireland and tested out the camping equipment. Blake managed to catch a nap in the afternoon and he let me watch Spice World which was on the tv.
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a lovely Monday! 
Bands of Download Festival 2016
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