Song of The Day - Friday - Wet Shirt Friday

Happy Friday!
It's a soggy one this morning and I should have not worn a white shirt and no coat. I am now drying nicely on the train.

Yesterday and today has been mostly run by football, as you know I'm not that interested in the whole thing and being surrounded by drunk arsehole football fans is not a fun time for me. As you know I work in the part of the city where it is filled with either tourists, brokers and underwriters. I'm not sure where the drunken hooligans in football shirts came from but they took it on themselves to shout at people, make a fool of themselves in the shops and hang around making drunken comments about passers-by. No other country has football fans like this and I think we need to take that as a lesson because our football fans makes us as a country bad.
Let's see how today goes... 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a fantastic Friday! 
Song of The Day: