Song of The Day - Tuesday - Bread Chaos

Good Morning and a very happy Tuesday!
We were quite late leaving today because we didn't realise we had no bread for lunch. The other half went on an adventure to get some and came back with cheesy ciabatta. Yeah apparently there was no normal bread, this is how exciting my mornings are. 

All this ruckus and getting up late lead to Blake having to drive me to the station so I could get my train. 

Last night we got the cats back from the cattery, they were incredibly cuddly and very vocal. I assume Jiji was telling us of her time in the kitty hotel and asking why we left them there. Leia has pretty much spent the whole evening sitting on the cusions asleep happy that she is home where all the soft is. 

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope that you have an excellent Tuesday! 
Song of The Day: