Song of The Day - Monday - Mini Beast

Morning all!
Another weekend down and we are back to work. As usual on a Monday morning I didn't want to get up, it's always hard after the weekend. 

My weekend has been fun, lazy and a tiny bit stressful. Friday I had the house to myself and did some much needed gaming, at one point the Sims 3 crashed and it lost me a lot of game play. After that I began to save after every 5 minutes, I was kind of annoyed by the loss but it is only a game. 

Saturday we spent the day playing Uncharted 3, watching videos, films and TV shows. On Saturday check the state of our fence panel that was blown out earlier this year, we will have to get a new one sadly.  Then we take the cats to the vets to make sure they are up to date before going to the cattery. Jiji is mildly disgruntled by being poked, prodded and force fed pills. Leia our smaller cat on the other on the other hand was having none of it. In the end it took 4 people to get Leia to take a pill, she has a jaw like a vice and I have given her an additional nickname Mini Beast. 

This morning Blake gave me such a shock when he came in saying that there was something wrong with the shower and he has lost some hair in the process. I ran to him concerned for him and to check the damage, then he smiles and says "I've shaved". He really is a sod sometimes. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you have a great Monday! 
Song of The Day: