Download Festival 2016: Getting Ready To Rock!

As some who is kind of an experienced festival goer I thought I'd share a few things I do to get myself organised for Download. It has been a few year since I have been to Download so I thought this would be a good time to get organised and refresh myself on what I'm getting myself into.
What To Pack!?
Well Download is one of those festivals that has both extremes of weather so it's important that you pack a variety of things.

Clothes - make sure you pack both trousers, shorts and skirts if you if you can handle a skirt at Download. The same goes for the upper half of your body, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, a hoody or two and maybe a jumper because you never know.

Underwear and socks plus a few spares because even the most perfect person has accidents and at a festival it would suck if you ran out. Long and short socks are fine, the long socks are great

Suitable Footwear - when you have to get your wellies (spell check kept wanting to correct this as Willies *Snorts Childishly*) in the result of a rain equals mud scenario. If you don't want to wear wellies make sure you wear some comfortable trainers.
 Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head - A fold up poncho or rain coat will become one of your new best friends, this will stop the rain from totally ruining the festival for you. If you are from the UK you have learnt to deal with the rain and don't let it ruin anything for you, this is just a warning to those of you outside the UK and most of Europe.
 Shine Down On Me - The festival weather could also go the other way and become a dusty plain of hotness, don't forget a hat and the all important suntan lotion/sun block.
Rub A Dub
We all talk about being good and getting up for the showers early in the morning, then we see the long queues and see that they are communal and say "Fuck that noise" then go watch some bands with the rest of the smelly people.

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush! - Just because you opt to be smelly doesn't mean you should neglect your teeth. All you need is a bottle of water outside the tent to wash your mouth out, it's that simple.
WET WIPES! - Yes wet wipes/baby wipes will be another of your best friends during the festival. You have clean yourself with them, you can clean other people and they double up as a tissue if you are in a pinch.

Hand Sanitizer - This will come in handy when it come to using portaloos, eating food after sitting in a muddy field and general cleanliness.

Dry Shampoo - For us girls sometimes our hair can get a little icky after a long festival day with either rain or dusty heat smothering it.
Don't Forget!

Roof Under The Stars - Your tent of course! That would be a silly thing to forget when going to a festival. Plus: you will need a sleeping bag, a pillow, an air mattress + ground mat and something warmer to sleep in. In my experience the nights at Download festival are fecking freezing and I have spent half the night trying to get warm before passing out from tiredness.
Through The Darkness - A torch, lamp or even gloss sticks are a must if you plan to see where you are going after the bands have finished. The long walk back to the camp grounds can sometimes be pretty dark even with the flood lights around. Also trying to use the portaloos in the dark is a challenge.
Patch Me Up - Bringing your own first aid kit with you is always a good idea. Plus bring any medication you require over your time at the festival and not just the important ones. Hay fever and a headache could spoil your chance of seeing Ozzy run around like he is sixteen again.

I'm Out - Bring your own toilet roll with you and keep one in a rucksack so you can use it when out and about in the festival.

Duck! - Duck tape/gaffer tape is great for repair of your tent and belongings especially if you are on a budget and buy a new one.

I've Got The Power! - Battery powered phone chargers are a godsend in this day and age, let's face it nobody leaves their phone a home these days and you can't charge a phone with a tree. Just make sure you look after it and keep an eye on where you put it.

Let Me In! - DON'T FORGET YOUR TICKET!! You will be incredible pissed off if you do.
To The Festival!

Music To My Ears - If you are driving, going on a coach or train create a playlist for the journey. Also take some earphones with you because you never know when a silent disco will bust out.

Full To The Brim - If you are driving make sure your car has a good amount of petrol in it before entering the car park, it will suck if you break down in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere.

Map It Out - Find a way to mark where your car is because when comes time to leave you may have forgotten and the car park can get busy at the end of the festival.

The Great Journey - Usually the walk from the car park is long, hot or wet and tiring. Make sure whatever you've packed is easier to carry and maybe consider doing two trips. Taking your tent, airbed and bedding with you first, putting up the tent and then coming back for the clothes and booze later.

Dude Where's My Tent?! - Consider making a tent flag to make it easier to find when you have been out all day, there will be a lot of tents there and a lot will look the same.
Top Tip
When getting your wrist band fitted on the day you enter, always make sure you get it put on the wrist/hand that you don't use to wipe after using the toilet. They can get very dirty and you don't want to add a hint of  bodily fluids and solids to it.


The festival is now in full swing, you have a cider in one hand and a flag in the other, what more could there be?!

Portaloos - They are smelly but necessary evil that comes with festival living. This is where the spare toilet roll, hand sanitizer and wet wipes come in. Also if you just can't stand the smell try bringing a scarf or bandana with you covered in a few drops of scented oils/Olbas oil, just put it over your face when using the potty and it should make the experience a lot better for you.
Wee Wee Dance - Go before you start doing this hilarious dance because it's going to be too late if you are in a massive queue already.

 Moisturize Me! - Keep Hydrated! Keep Hydrated! Drink as much water as you do alcohol because I assure you that if you don't you will be feeling unwell and you have a few more days to get through, plus do you want to miss your favourite band because you were stupid?!

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe! - Don't keep your valuables in the tent when you are not in it, clothes can be replaces if needs been but a phone, wallet and your car keys are a little harder. When it's bed time make sure your belongings are not by the tent door because if you are a deep sleeper you may not know if you are being robbed. People are sneaky and sometimes if they can get away with stealing from you they will.

Overall Check List

* Clothes
*Underwear and socks
* Suitable Footwear
* Poncho / Raincoat
* Sun Hat
* Sun Block
*Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste
* Wet Wipes
* Hand Sanitizer
* Dry Shampoo
*Bottled Water
* Tent
* Sleeping Bag
* Roll Mat
* Pyjamas
* Torch
* First Aid Kit + Medicines
* Toilet Roll
* Duck Tape
* Batter Operated Phone Charger
*Camp Flag
*Olbas Oil/scented oil
*Scarf or bandana
Thank you for reading!
If you are going to Download let me know and tell me what you are excited about the festival this year.