February 2016 Already?

Where does the time go?!
We are already in our second month of the year and we are full steam ahead. January has always been a get your bearings month for me, it is where I plan for the year and decide what I as a person will accomplish and what I want to do with my blog.
Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard is already off to a great start and I am discovering many new and old films. I have got through 16 films already this year, some I have already watched reviewed and some I haven't but I have enjoyed them all the same. I will look forward to jumping into my collection and experiencing some more I haven't yet seen.
I have been looking into many ideas recently and researching other blogs that I would love to work with and review as well as new content. There has also been thoughts around Minecraft and let's plays but that is no promise at the moment but an exciting thought!
I hope you have been enjoying my weight loss articles, there will  be a few of them every month as the year goes on and who knows, I might actually lose some weight!
That's it from me is this article, have a pleasant afternoon and I'll blog you tomorrow!
Thank you for reading!