January 2016 Favourites

Here are a few of my favourites for January 2016!
* Pink Fleece Poncho - Avon
I got this for Christmas (not the model and the fireplace) and I have tried not to leave the house so I can wear it, not that I do the leave the house unless I'm going to work.
* My giant scarf
My Mum bought this last year for Christmas and it is great for keeping you warm on a cold day. I also use it as a blanket on the train since it is huge.
* Options Mint Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is always my go to during the cold months, the addition of Baileys and mini marshmallows is a plus!
* Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 2
BNN is an incredibly entertaining show, if you haven't seen it at all I recommend you check it out.
*Star Wars Rebels Season 1
Incredible fun for any Star Wars fan.
* The Winter Long by Seanan Mcguire
I have read this before but I now have the audio book and have listened to it twice since I bought it. Seanan Mcgiure is an amazing writer.
* Biscoff Cookie Butter
This was our winter treat and I must say Biscoff cookie butter on toast is the best.
Watch this space at the end of February for more favourites.
Thank you for reading.