Song of The Day - Monday - 4 Days!

We have 4 Days until Christmas and I really did not want to get up to work this morning or for that matter the rest of the week.
This weekend was themed around family and Star Wars. Seeing family, trying to see family and drinking lots with friends.

On Friday we went out for Blake's work Christmas dinner, my mum was there because she used to work with there too. We had much wine and food, we also put the world to rest. 

On Saturday morning we saw Blake's Granddad and then we went to a Christmas party that was put on by one of our friends. 

Sunday I attempted to see my Nan that is visiting for Christmas but we miss-  comunicated and it didn't end up happening. Then we saw Start Wars in a group and went back to someone's house for food and discussions. It was awesome.
Thank you for reading my blog. 
Have a great Monday! 
Song of The Day: