Song of The Day - Friday - Balloon Snorer

Good Morning!
It's finally Friday and you have no idea how long a week it has been. 
I went to bed a little later than I should have last night and now realise I cannot do that when I'm on the overtime shift because I most certainly won't get a second wind like I usually do. 

The good thing though I finished my chocolate tart for Saturday and I hope that it tastes nice, fingers crossed and all that. 

Tonight I am going to my partner's Christmas work party, we are having a 3 course meal and hopefully wine on the table. His work friends are almost like family because my mum used to work there and I have known for years.

Saturday I am going to a Christmas party at our friends house and that's why I was making the chocolate tart today because it's better if it has a day to sit and I'm too busy tonight to bake. Also I will not be in a state to bake when I get home. 
Don't forget to check out today's advent calendar. Thank you for reading my blog. 
Have an excellent Friday and an Awesome Weekend!
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