Song of The Day - Friday - It's Friday, Well Done!

Good Morning All!
We have made it to Friday in mostly one piece. I had quite a crappy day yesterday and lead to me eating pizza for dinner and drinking wine. It turns out I slept better and feel ready to tackle this last day of my working week. 

Tonight we are going to tackle putting our dvd's and blurays into big cases in alphabetical order, yes we are those people. We have too many (we didn't realise until we moved in together) and to not have them in order, it will also help with being able to find a film quickly. 

Last night we watched the Warehouse 13 Christmas special (The Greatest Gift) and the Eureka Christmas special (Do See What I See). These are both great specials and I recommend them to you especially if you are into sci-fi and Adventure.

Check out today's advent calendar coming at 10:30.
Thank you for reading. 
Let's do this! 
Have an awesome Friday and an epic weekend! 
Song of The Day:

I discovered Luke Bryan through The Sims 3, I heard a simlish version of his song 'Country Girl' and really liked it and this lead me to find the original. I found 'Run Run Rudolph' when I was looking for Christmas song covers.