Song of The Day - Thursday - Crap App Vs Android: New Carpet

Morning All!
Yes I am back on the crap app this morning because I still can't get to the Pc yet. The carpet looks great and I feel slightly more like a grown-up because we decorated it together in our first home.

Had a bit of a bad nightmare last night and didn't get back to sleep so I am extra tired and a little emotionally drained. I'm hoping that a nap on the train will help.

I going to try and knuckle down and write more than the last couple of days since my word count was shameful.  This may also help me get through this day unscathed.  Thank you Nanowrimo!

We had dinner at the inlaws house last night and watched the newest Terminator film, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was and I am glad I gave it a chance.  I have to admit I was a little unsure if it was any good but I would say I was proved wrong.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great Thursday!

Song of The Day :
David Bowie - Man That Sold The World