An Outlook On December: The Months of Sparkles

As we merge into December or as I like to call it 'The Month of Sparkles', I would like to tell you about some of the content that will be coming to my blog this month.

* 'Cloud Zombie's Advent Calender' will be returning this year with a new list of what makes the month of sparkle special or annoying to. There shouldn't be too many repeats of last year but if Bruce Willis makes it back again this year you can hardly blame me.
* DIY Christmas Decorations are also coming back so stay tuned for that because I am planning some fun ones.

* 'Cloud Zombie's Film Cupboard' will be putting on a festive spin for it's come back and the last films of 2015. Look out for 'Cloud Zombie's Festive Film Cupboard' over the month of sparkle.

* 'Cloud Zombie's Christmas Sparkles' has also made back this year because I had lots of fun last year looking out for them and made the month that much more special.

* Christmas Baking is on it's way as well as posts about my favourite 'holiday' recipes that I have tried in the past and recommend.

* Christmas Shopping List I will be making a list of my favourite online and physical shops to give you ideas where to shop if you are stuck for gift ideas.

 And lastly I will be looking back on 2015 and going through what my blog has accomplished through the year, what I have enjoyed and what I hope to accomplish in 2016.