Song of The Day - Tuesday - A Cold And Misty Morning

Good Morning All!
It's very misty this morning and It has got thicker as my train is moving out of the towns. I got a cool picture of the Sunrise changing the colour of the mist as well.

Last night was quite a late one due to trying my hardest to get this damn costume finished. I will get it done, I will get it done! This costume isn't even my costume it's the other half's costume but I volunteered to make it and now I'm regretting it. I am also up at 5:30 every morning this week due to having a early shift, I am going to crash hard Friday evening.

I watched a kids tv programme last night that was very close to the Gone books, it was called The Spartical Mystery. Of course it had acting like The Tribe maybe a little worse.
Have a fantastic Tuesday! 
Thank you all for reading.
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