Song of The Day - Monday - So This is Early?!

Morning All!
I'm on over time this week so I am on the 6:34 train this morning, let's see how this week goes. So far I don't feel as though I'm going I'm going to fall asleep on my face or destroy people. 

This weekend has been birthdays and Halloween shopping. I need a few more bits for my window and front garden display and the other half's costume is now in the planning stages since I now have the materials. I do love Halloween!

 I will try and put up my 31 Days of horror challenge film number one review up hopefully today it didn't happen on the weekend because I got busy and I was hit with a cold and wanted more time to sleep. I still think I have it but not enough to take a sick day, though much Caffeine will be needed today and maybe lemsip.

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Have a Great Monday Everyone! 
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