Song of The Day - Wednesday - It's a bit soggy!

Happy Rainy Wednesday!
It's a bit soggy this morning, maybe the sun will come back this afternoon.
We can do a sun dance in the sky garden of the walky talky, while the tourist look at us trying to figure out whether we are part of the attraction or not.
I had fish and chips with my family last night, my uncle was down to visit so we obviously pulled out all the stops. Even my teenaged sister made an appearance and actually managed to smile for a while. Mum still has a few thing she hadn't unpacked from the move. So when I presented her with flowers it was a mad search for some sort of pot or vase to put them in. 
When we got home I made the chicken pasta salad I promised the other half for lunch today, then it was YouTube videos in bed while we chatted about our days and showed each other various social media posts. We are so hard core!
The walk down the road this morning to the station was a bit damp, it wasn't really raining enough to warrant an umbrella today. Have a great Wednesday! 

Song of The Day: