Song of The Day - Tuesday - New Phone!

Good Morning Internet!
Guess who got a new phone!
Yes it was me, hands up who chose correctly from yesterdays post?
So yes I am back up and running with hardly any annoyance, I do love a good bargain and the phone company I went to was very helpful and honest. 
So I'm back to writing on the train and not being bored, I'm glad it has only been one day and it wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be.

I am now caught up mostly on my sleep, Mondays are always a drag anyway and I do hope that the working week goes quicker than last week. The partner got a free ipad as a deal with my phone he has happily been reading comic books on an app he signed up to as soon as he had set the thing up. Bless him! 

Today's plan is to by a new set of earphones because mine seem to be quieter than normal and I can't walk in the street and hear my audio book at the same time. #Firstworldproblems 
The joy of having technology that works. 
After work I'm off to see my mum,  my uncle is back from sunny Qatar and over for a visit so I'm going to see him tonight.
I have family everywhere it would seem. 

Let's see if we can get through this day without losing to much brain cells from boredom.  Have a great Tuesday! 

Song of The Day: