Song of The Day - Friday - Bank Holiday Weekend!

Good Morning!!
And A Very Happy Friday!!
What a week it has been, we are finally within grasp of out long weekend. We left more or less on time today and there was no running needed today, the sun is out so it was quite a pleasant walk today.
 It was beautifully sunny when train left Gillingham this morning,  when the train got past the town we hit a huge fog bank then all of a sudden it sunshine again. Did I find a portal To Silent Hill? Weird!

It was very much wine and a film last night, Catching Fire was my choice because I had been listening to the Hunger Games on audiobook recently and I was in the mood for the film today.
Tonight will very much be the same with a chance of a late night. I do love Fridays! 

So it is a birthday weekend for the other half's dad, we are going to alter the card we bought tonight and hope that it turns out OK. I may actually bake a cake for him if I get time to. 
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Have an epic Friday and an Awesome Weekend! 

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