Song of The Day - Friday - Sunshine and lollipops and Rainbows

Happy Friday!
Good morning all!
I am not at work today, I have taken the day off to bake some special treats for my sister in laws birthday/Swiss national day party.  I made my other lunch and sent him off to work so I can get get everything prepared for when I commence the baking, today is going to be so much fun.
Pictures will either be up Sunday or Monday, I do not want to ruin the surprise. Finding out through the internet is never fun and this is extra special. 
As I write I can see my cats get ready for a day of sleeping in the sunny patches that come through the window, I wish I was a cat sometimes.
I have some arts and crafts to do before baking,
so for now it's time for tea and Adventure Time while I do that.
Have an awesome day and even awesomer weekend!

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