Quotes and Phrases in Tv and Film That My Family Use In Every Day Life

We are all guilty of throwing a quote in there every now and then but my family and friends are just so good at it. 
Here are a few that I here on a daily basis:

*"Go to bed spotty!" - Young Ones
Yes you guessed it, when we are tired and want to go to bed one of us usually lets this one go.
*"..are we gonna do Stonehenge tomorrow? - NO! We're not gonna do f**king Stonehenge!" - This is Spinal Tap
*Have you got any more exploding carrots (said in a Welsh accent)". - Bottom
*"Duck season, Rabbit season . . ." - Loony Toons
*"ahhhh mango juice!" - Tiny Toons
*"Sh*ters full!" - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
*"This is my BOOMStick!" - Army of Darkness
*"Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!" - Galaxy Quest