Song of The Day - Friday

Happy Friday people of the internet!
May your day go swiftly so your weekend can commence.
It's my father in laws birthday today so tonight we are going over to the parents house for food and films. Saturday is Faversham Hop Festival!!! and much cider will be drunk, then on Sunday my father in law is having a small birthday get together with the family which will probably tern into a bad movie night.
It should be a great weekend of win!
*Birthday Visit

                                                               *Faversham Hop Festival
        *Birthday Party/Bad
I love the hop festival and tend to get a little buttoned and end up looking like this:
As soon as you step into Faversham the place is covered in hops. Some for decoration, some decorating other people and some decorating the floor.

Song of The Day:
Drink - Alestorm