My Favourite People To Subscribe To on Youtube

Here are a few I have subscriptions to.
Grace Helbig AKA It's Grace
As you probably can tell Grace is my favourite and I like to use a lot of gifs with her in. Grace also stared in a film she helped write with her best friends Mamrie and Hannah.


Shane Dawson

Shane is never scared to express is creative side and works hard to create better and brighter things for his fans. He has recently finished filming his own film.

Mamrie Hart AKA Mametown

Mamrie started up a her channel with her own little show called 'You Deserve A Drink' 'YDAD' for short and Grace helped film and write her very bad puns.

Hannah Hart AKA MyHarto

Ryan Higa AKA nigahiga

Ryan videos are extremelly entertaining to watch. He puts out high quality, funny and sometimes serious videos.



Justine is a gadget mad and incredibly hyper person. She has sooo much energy and watching her gaming channel can be very funny.

Olga Kay

Olga Kay originaly from Russia came over to America after a time in circus in Moscow and America. Olga has achived big things leaving the circus and is an amazing business woman and entertainer.