Life Update - 02.07.20 - Any Job Wanted to Feed 2 Cats and 1 Long Suffering Partner

Hello All!
It's been an age since I last blogged!
Between here and the last blog I've had a temporary part time job
and an attempted to start a temporary job through an agency.
It's been about four weeks or so since then so I'm honestly not going to hold my breath.
There has also been an awakening in gardening for myself,
turning the age of 32 and a trip to the zoo.
Finding my final form in the process.
Along with that comes some real good highs, Blake and I both got to see some of our family face to face. 
The wonders sitting in the garden with some of your favourite people can do. There are of course some more favourite people we have yet to see and I look forwards to those days.
And as time moves forward I've experienced some very real lows.
The lows I feel a lot of guilt about because there are some pretty bad, pretty big and pretty important things going on in this world that really shrink my problems in comparison.
To all those out there close and far to me, 
things will get better we just have to keep going 
and try to fill in those hard times in with something that we enjoy. 
We will get to hang out with all our favourite people very soon.
My weekdays currently consist of breakfast with some sort of relaxing YouTube videos. There's nothing like watching someone living off grid in the wilderness to really kick start your day. 
Then job hunting and applying for said jobs. Saying a silent prayer as I hit the send button or whatever the equivalent is. 
Lunch at some point then housework and hobbies. 
I try to keep a routine as much as possible, even on my down days because I know I will eventually get a job.
There is an employer out there that will hopefully jump at the chance to give me a job.
It seems I have run out of time for blogging as time is getting on and I have jobs to be wrangled and cats to annoy. 
I want to thank those who have read my ever waning blog when I do post. 
Maybe someday soon I will find my spark once again to hit the blog hard but until then...
Have a wonderful day whatever you may or may not be doing, 
things will eventually get better, have hope.