Song of The Day - Wednesday - Disappointments

Happy Wednesday!
It's a fairly bright day with some warmth, I'm hoping the weekend will be nice again so I can actually get to enjoy it. My sleep was not the best and the night seemed to go on forever. I have been nursing the beginnings of a migraine, the caffeine didn't help so I moved onto ibuprofen and hoping for the best.
My train managed to be fairly on time yesterday evening despite leaving London Cannon street later than it's allotted time. Fingers crossed for the rest of the rest of the week.
disappointment hilarious gif
I have managed to finish writing an article for E14, once it's been through approval it should be out at some point in the near future. The post is about my favourite Rimworld mods.
It's been a pretty quiet week so far, not much has happened and there isn't much to tell until something does.
Thank you for reading my blog!
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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