Song of The Day - Wednesday - Under My Umbrella!

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Happy Wednesday!
I'm back after a long weekend off and into a three day week because of the looming Easter Bank Holiday. It's incredibly crappy today weather wise, yesterday was pretty horrid as well but there was a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. Hopefully this afternoon will be the same because I would like my coat to dry at some point today and well as my feet. It is the beginning of spring and we are just about to step into April, April does love it's rain.
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I have been working on my junk journal the last few days, the snow we had got it's own section in my 2018 journal. I have now moved onto March but I am still working of January and February because I still have many pictures to add, journaling to add and finishing touches to well...finish. Blake let me run rampant in The Works on the weekend and I collected a few things to help with my junk journal. I was pretty excited to get to work once I got home but I held off because we had a few other things to get done.
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Thank you for reading my blog!
I hop you all have a lovely Wednesday despite the rain!

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