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Happy Tuesday!
A little bit of sunshine this morning on the way to work, this lessened the chill in the air. It was quite a pleasant walk to the station this morning, even the fact that my train was packed this morning didn't bother me today. Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, I wasn't feeling the blog and couldn't find the words to write. Sometimes on Monday mornings I find it hard to wake up the brain.
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My weekend was quite lazy to be honest, it was mostly icy still but we walked to a local shop to buy our weekly shop. We watched a few films, Escape Plan was one of them and it was great fun. If you love Stallone and Arnie then you should give this film a try. I also got in some much needed RimWorld on the PC.
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I got home last night to find that Blake had bought me The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure! of course one of my longest used Sims from The Sims three needed to be reawakened. Her name is Cindy Anna Jones and you can download her on The Sims 4 Community Gallery.  
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Friday mainly consisted of waiting in train stations, wishing our country was more organised when it comes to weather and being squished on tube trains. I left work at 3:45pm and didn't actually get home until after 8pm. When I left work Southeastern Rail's/National Rail's website was still advertise that trains were sort of running. I then stood there as every train going through Medway and to the south east coat being cancelled. London Victoria got very cold during this time and Southeastern rail just did not give a shit about it's customers. One of my fellow commuters found out that there would be the last Kings Ferry train leaving Embankment very soon. We navigated the tube, got squished onto it before going back up to the surface and waiting for the coach. The Kings Ferry coach arrived with about three people on board and then proceeded to not charge us for the journey. I'd like to thank the driver for letting us on and getting us back to Medway. After the coach dropped us off we got a taxi the rest of the way home. I get to claim delay repay so that's a plus.

Thank you for reading my blog, sorry it's been full of first world snow problems.
Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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