Song of The Day - Thursday - Point and Click Games, Carbs and Rum!

Happy Thursday!
The sun is back for round two and I am happy that it is my last working day of the week until Tuesday!
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Last night Blake and I ate pasta, drank much rum and tried our best to get through 'Broken Age'. We Started it last weekend and almost thought we were going to finish it. As with any point and click puzzle game you get cocky and then realise there is much, much more to do. We made that mistake again last night thinking we'd actually finish it last night, tonight will hopefully be the night!
If you haven't played it give it a go, it's made by the same people as Monkey Island fame and has quite a fun cast. We work through a lot of puzzle/point and click games together, please recommend us some in the comments below.
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While browsing YouTube I was recommended a video about a person who has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Before I know it I had watched a lot of their back catalogue and was absolutely fascinated and I felt I needed to learn more about this disorder. There have been many, many films out there that depict DID people as psycho killers or scary people and here's the thing they aren't. They really aren't and though I am not a suffer of this disorder I understand how pissed I'd be if someone made me out to be something to be afraid of.
I love to write and have always been that way, I have decided to begin research into the world of DID and hope to create something that breaks the stigma instead of causing yet another divide. If you read my blog and you have this disorder I'd love to here your story or if you have a YouTube channel or even a blog either leave me a comment below or email on: 
Finally I may not time to blog tomorrow so I all hope you have a lovely Thursday, a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!

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