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Happy Monday!
Yes I am back after a brilliant weekend. I failed my sanity roll on Friday and I couldn't bring myself to do much of anything, excuse the no show on Friday. I am back on this drizzly Monday morning after quite an eventful weekend.
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Saturday evening we ventured out into Rochester, we went to Playopolis for a friends birthday. Playopolis is a board games café that resides on the main high-street of Rochester, Kent. They have a huge game library with more being added every day.

The staff are very helpful and attentive, you can even have food and drink brought to your table while you play. The price is not to bad for four hours (£3.50p per adult/£2 per child). I had an incredible time there I will definitely have to go again.
Games We Played:
 This is the cocktail menu:
We did move onto a bar after our time had finish at the café, it was a very fun night and I got introduced to Pink Gin. It's wonderful and I shall be getting a bottle when the next pay day comes around.
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Around to Sunday!
After waking up from our later night we had a big lunch and prepared ourselves for the day ahead. Sunday was mothers day in the UK, so we celebrated all things mum. As plans had already been planned, our first stop after pick up my sister and mum was Hollywood Bowl for some bowling. When you book it online it asks you for your bowling names, of course we opted for silly names. Blake was Big Baby because he is a big baby. I was Pomegranate because it was something my sister used to call me and we thought it might make her laugh. My sister was Moobag, this is the nickname I gave her and my mum being that it was mothers day was dumbed Super Mum. 
Two games and some very bad bowling techniques later we head to Chiquito for an early dinner.
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Sunday evening gave way to some relaxing PC gaming time while Blake played Bayonetta on the Switch in the living room. I opted for The Sims 4 last night as I was still trying to get my teeth into the 'Jungle Adventure' gameplay. I managed to complete two temples during that time and collect quite a lot of loot. Cindy Anna Jones is getting the airing she needs and I am enjoying the slightly different gameplay.
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Anyway I'll let you get on with your Mondays and I will leave with something to wake you up in the form of Monster Magnet - Powertrip. Hopefully that will blow away the cobwebs.
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