Song of The Day - Friday - Hot Cross Buns, Ni No Kuni 2 and Kitty Cuddles!

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Happy Friday!
I am off today but I wanted to blog anyway.
I am so happy I don't have to walk to the station in the rain today, it's looking pretty crappy out there today. Instead I got to have a lazy morning, eat salted caramel, toffee and chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast...It's not going to be a healthy weekend if you have guessed. I've had a giant cup of tea and some kitties cuddles, while Blake plays 'Ni No Kuni 2'. We tend to play these ones together, I suck at these types of game but still want to see the story and the game. Yes I can watch Let's plays but it's better being able to sit with the person while they play y it, you can chat about it and work it out together. 
A side note: Every single time someone says "Get Ready For This!" or something alone that line during a fight scene Blake and I can't help but burst into song. 2 Unlimited- Get Ready For This

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I left work about 16:30, I think I may have been the last of my team members to leave. Insurance is a fickle thing when it comes to my team, even though they/we were given the go ahead to leave at around 2/3pm it's not always that simple. If the underwriters haven't finished their work or their brokers need to do business then they have to stay to get it done, meaning whoever is nearest in my team has to stay to assist them until they are done. It's end of financial year so a lot more is going on that has to be done and dusted before month end. 
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Moving on..
I got home about 6pm from London and we thought it would be in our best interests to get a food shop before the bank holiday weekend began. This does mean that both of us leave the shop a little hangry, a little tired and ready to relax for the evening. We're fully stocked now and I will be baking my usual Hot Cross Cookies I bake during this time of year. Who doesn't like a little themed baking. 
I'm still pretty excited to see Ready Player One, I will be going in (to the cinema) with a clear mind and try not to compare it to the book. I have no doubt Mr Spielberg will do it as much justice as a book adaption can have. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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Have a wonderful Easter!!
Thank you for reading my blog!!

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