Song of The Day - Wednesday - Long Hair Vs Wind

Happy Wednesday!
It's super windy this morning, blustery day windy so I'm waiting to see either a Winnie The Pooh character or Dorothy's house blow past in the sky.

Running late to the station this morning, somebody had ripped open our bin bags again and we had to re-bag the rubbish. It was quite obvious that someone had pulled it open rather than an animal biting it open with it's teeth, this has happened a few times now. The trouble is that all there was in the bags were very old expired flour and baking ingredients that had been lost at the back of the cupboard for a number of years. Due to the wind a lot of the streets recycling bags are being blow about the street.
I get a little writing down yesterday which was nice, getting back into the flow slowly. A lot of my work is slowly forming into finished books, some still need much more work done to them.
The PC will e going to the shop on the weekend to see if we can either fix it or have to get a new one. Something usually goes wrong this time of year for us in this kind of way, fingers crossed it will be ok.

Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a great Wednesday!

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