Song of The Day - Wednesday - High Spirits and Blue Skies!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
We are half way through the week, there's a little bit of blue sky this morning and I'm generally in a good mood.

Despite yet more train delays last night I had a chill night to myself. A comfort food dinner in the form of a cheesy pasta bake, Eureka on the tele. Once the weekly food shop had been delivered I run myself a very bubbly, hot bath with an audiobook in the background. Sarah Lyons Fleming's Until The End of The World series seems to be a bath time special recently and Imperial Leather's Cherry Bakewell Bubbles Bath.
The blog seems to be doing fine at the moment, I'm pretty chuffed about that and kind of weirded out that people regularly tune in to read my daily ramblings. It's always exciting to login in the morning and see my little view counter has been ticking away as the awake side of the world clicks through my blog. As ever thank you for reading my blog, you guys are awesome!
Getting to 100,000 views before the end of 2017 was amazing for me. I know bigger sites probably get this everyday but it's a proud mark in my little blogs history. Thank you all again, it wouldn't be possible without you.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Song of The Day: