Song of The Day - Tuesday - Train Delays, Water Leaks and January

Happy Tuesday!
We have certainly made it into the working week, I have a feeling something didn't want me to go to work today.
Big delays at the station this morning, this forced me to get a train to London Victoria which in turn made me late for work. When I eventually get there I walk into a total shit storm that is our scanning booth. It turns out there was a massive leak from the floor above, the water was everywhere. It all over the computers and scanners, all over work to be done and archive boxes. I wasn't working the scanning booth but it caused a bit of a knock on effect for the team.

Hopefully my train home will be ok, last nights delays were not my favourite. Southeastern rail usually choose a Monday or Friday for home time delays, they are the two days you want to get home the most. 

Song of The Day: