Song of The Day - Tuesday - Sanity Roll Fail

Happy Tuesday!
The sun has decided to shine today, well at least for this morning. This makes a January morning a little better to bare.
Sorry about the no show on the blog yesterday, I failed my sanity roll and was in no mood for sharing.
I had a weekend that was supposedly going to be productive and then delved into playing No Man's sky and coming down with some sort of flu bug. We were up early on Saturday for a shopping delivery and to take the computer to the shop to be fixed. After that Blake played No Man's Sky with me and kept me supplied with tea. We watched Wonder Woman and ate curry that evening, I was beginning to feel a little crappy but put it down to being tired from playing video games all day. Sunday I woke up feeling a little wobbly, I knew something wasn't right. We visited my mum for a little while and it had come apparent that I wasn't feeling well by the time I got home. It got to the point that I had to sit with the light off because it was making me feel worse and I ended up going to bed early because it wasn't going away.
This lead to a Monday morning that I begrudged waking up to, I had to force myself to go to work. I cannot have any more sick days until about May time or risk losing my job. What a world we live in eh? Getting in trouble for something that happens naturally, it's not like I go out and rub my face on a sick person just to piss them off.
The PC will be returning home after it's stay at the computer hospital. It didn't technically die, but the hard drive had to be replaced with a new one. Everything has been transferred over to the new hard drive and I'm sure I'll be spending the next few nights reinstalling stuff. Hopefully Friday I can spend the evening reacquainting myself with computer.
Have a lovely Tuesday Everyone!
Thank you for reading my blog!

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